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This project spatially recorded and documented selected cattle mound site locations in the Congaree National Park by means of aerial LiDAR for a remote sensing examination and used Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for ground verification. A Geographic Information System (GIS) approach, along with targeted examination of the spatial aspects (e.g., position, extent, metrology, and relationships), and cartographic mapping of these historic cultural resources was performed to capture and document the contextual terrain and site details. Results from the liDAR prospection and ground verification were also considered with historic maps, aerial imagery, and other information, to examine landscape and terrain features. The focus of this project was on the historic features known as. Cooner's Cattle Mound (COSW-4), Cattle Mound #6 (COSW-25), Buyck's Cattle Ring (COSW-24), Spigener Mound (COSW-29), and Cook's Lake Cattle Mound (COSW-21), with overview mapping and remote sensing efforts also including related landscape and environmental features within the park.


Prepared for: The National Park Service’s Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC), Dr. Margo Schwadron.

Contributions by:

  • Garrett Speed
  • Richard McKenzie
  • Noelia Garcia

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