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This literature review is the first phase in a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)-sponsored research study that seeks to identify the various practices and methodologies used by Florida’s 27 metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to develop their Lists of Project Priorities (LOPPs) and what characteristics of those LOPPs are most effective for clearly communicating MPO priorities to FDOT District Offices. The final report is scheduled for completion in November 2024. The research objectives of this project include:

  • Documenting current federal and state requirements for MPO LOPP development through a review of relevant regulatory and guidance documents.
  • Documenting the current national state of the practice for project prioritization by MPOs, including practices that ensure the clear and effective communication of project priorities and specifically focusing on practices pertaining to the development of a List of Project Priorities.
  • Documenting Florida MPO project prioritization methodologies, agency coordination (including at the regional level), public engagement practices, LOPP format and structure approaches, and efforts taken to ensure effective and clear communication of project priorities with FDOT Districts.
  • Documenting noteworthy practices for LOPP development within Florida, including clear and effective strategies for communicating priorities with FDOT Districts.
  • Developing clear suggestions for improved statewide practices related to LOPP development, including methods to communicate project priorities clearly and effectively with FDOT Districts.

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