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Transportation equity is a representation of fairness in the distribution of benefits and burdens. Increasingly, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and local governments are evaluating transportation plans and projects from an equity perspective. However, needs identification frequently focuses on system deficiencies and can overlook the needs of specific populations. Furthermore, approaches used to identify and prioritize projects of benefit to disadvantaged populations vary in scope and effectiveness. These gaps in current practice contribute to inequities in the transportation system for traditionally underserved communities.

The Transportation Equity Toolkit is designed to fill these gaps. The toolkit will serve as a resource for MPOs, transportation agencies, and communities as they work to advance equity in traditionally underserved communities. It provides a framework for a transportation equity needs assessment and an equity-based project identification and prioritization process. A variety of tools and methods are provided for these frameworks, including the following:

  • Transportation Equity Audit Tool: a survey-based tool designed for use by agency staff, community organizers, and community members in identifying community transportation needs from an equity perspective; and
  • Transportation Equity Scorecard Tool: a spreadsheet tool to assist the staff of MPOs and other transportation planning agencies in prioritizing projects that advance equity.

The toolkit is supplemented by a guidance document that contains further information on methods and applications. The Transportation Equity Scorecard User Guide provides detailed guidance and illustrative examples of project screening and prioritization using the scorecard tool. The Transportation Equity Scorecard is a spreadsheet tool and is available as a separate downloadable Excel file.

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Williams, Kristine M.; Boyd, Tia; Keita, Yaye; and Kramer, Jeff, " Transportation Equity Toolkit: Transportation Equity Needs Assessment & Project Prioritization " (2021). Transportation Planning, Policy, and Processes (TP3) Final Reports. 45.

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