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Technical Report

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Metropolitan Planning Organization, MPO, Transit planning, Long Range Transportation Plan, LRTP, Transit Development Plan, TDP, Planning coordination


The purpose of this study was to benchmark the current level of coordination and cooperation between Florida Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and transit agencies vis a vis the long range transportation plan (LRTP) and transit development plan (TDP). The impetus for the study was historical, albeit anecdotal, reports of inconsistency between LRTPs and TDPs in some metropolitan areas of Florida. An online survey was conducted of all 27 Florida MPOs and 25 of the 31 fixed route transit operators. In the survey, both MPOs and transit agencies expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the process of coordination of the LRTP. However, MPOs were less satisfied than transit agencies with the process of coordination of the TDP. The online survey was followed up with case study interviews of MPO and transit agency staff in six Florida counties: Duval, Pinellas, Lee, Palm Beach, Indian River, and Bay. Several key observations were made from the interviews. One of them was the importance of regularly scheduled coordination meetings between MPO and transit agency staff. The report recommends that Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 14-73.001 be modified to require the LRTP and TDP to be updated the same year and that language be added saying that the vision, mission, goals, and objectives in the TDP shall to the maximum extent feasible be consistent with the vision, mission, goals, and objectives in the LRTP.


Project No.: FDOT BDV25-977-49