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Technical Report

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Public transit, MPO, performance evaluation, transit capacity and quality of service


As an application of the transit quality of service framework presented in the First Edition of the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual (TCOSM), the Florida Department of Transportation (FOOT) required all MPOs in the state where fixed-route service operates to analyze those services based on the six measures identified in the TCQSM: service frequency, hours of service, service coverage, passenger loading, reliability (on-time performance/headway adherence), and transit versus auto travel time. This first-year evaluation compiles the analyses provided by the participating MPOs and provides an assessment of the performance of the transit systems. In addition, the process used by the MPOs and transit systems to evaluate their services Is evaluated, and possible refinements to the process are suggested for future years based on the first-time experiences of the MPOs. This evaluation serves as a model for other areas in the country interested In applying the customer-oriented assessment of transit based on the TCQSM.

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Evaluation of First-Year Florida Mpo Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Reports, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida, 49 p.