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Accessibility, access, performance measure, mobility, equity, gravity model, space- time, theory, contour, travel time, trips, origin, destination, probe data, H3

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Integrating accessibility into transportation planning seeks to improve policy and programming decisions that ensure congestion mitigation measures, encourage transportation equity, and improve urban livability. Traditional accessibility measures and methods have largely focused on modeling and/or estimation procedures, displaying a hypothetical universe of access—not where travel actually occurs. This research developed a suite of measures to assess accessibility, taking advantage of available crowdsourced origin- destination data to identify accessibility from real data rather than a modeled approach. The measures are calculated for all U.S. urban areas to inform congestion-mitigation decision-making based on actual travel behaviors. The results of this work will help transportation planners and policy makers understand where access is (or is not) adequately provided to identify appropriate and innovative solutions for shifting travel behavior to more equitable and sustainable approaches. The 2021 Urban Mobility Report and website will include the results of the research.