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On-demand transportation services, TNC, microtransit, shared-ride trips, pooling, policies and improvements to shared-ride services, sustainable mobility

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This study aimed to contribute to the growing body of literature on on-demand transportation services, with a particular emphasis on sharing or pooling a ride when using these services, such as transportation network companies (TNCs) and microtransit. In 2022, an online survey (shared mobility survey) was administered in both English and Spanish to persons 18 years old or older and in selected cities across Texas—ranging from large urban areas to small cities and rural areas. The survey was designed to collect a rich set of data from more than 2,500 participants and offered a reasonably representative sample of adults in Texas. The study conducted an extensive examination of the data collected to better understand on-demand mobility service use and user characteristics, including attitudes, perceptions, and concerns in general as well as while sharing trips. Barriers to using these services and potential improvements that would make sharing or pooling a trip more appealing were investigated for both current and future on-demand services. The study produced intriguing new findings that contributed to the literature, as well as findings that supported and occasionally deviated from the current literature.

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