Impact of Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles on Future Transportation

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Emerging vehicle technologies foreshadow a world in which sensors and software will replace humans in the driver’s seat. Connected and autonomous vehicletechnologies are no longer a question of “if” but rather of “how” implementation will impact future transportation. This paper explores the safety and operational impacts of connected and autonomous vehicles on future transportation. Safety impacts include enhanced awareness of surroundings, driving assistance, crash avoidance, and reduced human error. Operational impacts include reduced traffic congestion, improved mobility, optimized freight flow and traffic control, etc. The paper also describes the potential challenges and concerns related to system imperfection, cyber security, insurance, mixed traffic flow, and consumer perception. Furthermore, the paper discusses how these advances of technologies will impact the infrastructure of transportation systems and the transportation engineers and professionals that operate and manage them. It offers great insights into the impact of connected and autonomous vehicles on future transportation.

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Bridging the East and West : Theories and Practices of Transportation in the Asia Pacific, p. 46-53.