College of Public Health

Overview of College of Public Health

Established in July 1984 with an initial enrollment of 100 students, the College is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) and has graduated over 2,000 students. Current enrollment includes over 1,100 full and part-time graduate and undergraduate students. Constructed in 1991, the College building houses an auditorium, classrooms, a distance education studio, computer classrooms, and 17 laboratories. More than 91 faculty provide education, research and service impacting local, state, national and global public health.

The field of public health is broad and draws its strength, as well as its students, from diverse academic disciplines including, but not limited to: health care, natural sciences, business, education, engineering, law and social services. The curriculum features cooperative learning, research, problem-solving, and field experience so that faculty and students together contribute to pursuits essential to the health of human society. Alternate delivery of degrees and certificates by web, executive format, weekend, and alter­nate calendar options greatly expand student opportunity.


Our College of Public Health community will use its unique strengths and collective efforts to achieve prominence in advancing public health.


Our mission is to improve the public’s health through advancing discovery, learning, and service.


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