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El acceso de la mujer y la utilización de los servicios de salud desde el período prenatal a través del parto en la zona de Monteverde fase II



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August 2002


Follow up study of access and utilization of health care services for pregnant women in the Monteverde Community. Following the initial exploratory study entitled Women's Access and Utilization of Health Care Services from Pre-natal Period through Parturition in the Monteverde, Zone, this phase of research focused on two areas which had been targeted for follow' up. Using semi-structured interviews and reassessing the original data, the topics of standard of care during pregnancy and birth histories were examined. This included a brief historical review of obstetric care and medical transportation from The Monteverde area. Three medical personnel and four additional women who had children within the last 12 years were interviewed for a total of 17 interviews. Many women (50%, n =36) chose to have their care with private providers. However, all the women in our study delivered their children in public hospitals provided by the CAJA. The results of the study showed that like their predecessors, women from Monteverde often choose to wait near the hospital before their delivery (57%) rather than risking having to make the difficult trip to the closest hospital during labor. The average wait time before delivery was 10.86 days among seven women for whom this data was available. The choice of hospital was made for three primary reasons: proximity of the facility, family or friends nearby and because of the hospital's reputation. Births occur frequently in transit as the local ambulance service reported that one worker alone had 14 deliveries over 17 year’s time. Despite these hardships, the majority (88%) of reported birth weights in our study was healthy and the district of Puntarenas has an infant mortality rate consistent with the rest of Costa Rica. Estudio de seguimiento de acceso y utilización de los servicios de salud para mujeres embarazadas en la comunidad de Monteverde.


Parturition, Prenatal care, Pregnant women, Community Heal, 2002

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Partos, Cuidado prenatal, Mujeres embarazadas, Salud Comunitaria 2002


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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute



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Women’s access and utilization of health care services from the pre-natal period through parturition in the Monteverde Zone phase II, August 4, 2002



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