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Amelia Meier



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April 2020



I began my guide during my first week of quarantine, and as time went on I only got more ideas on what I could add. As time went on, the internet also became rich with quarantine tips and tricks, but I made sure to keep a balance of internet tips, and stuff that I thought of and had been a source of peace and entertainment during this time for me. I also used the internet to make sure the advice I was giving was legitimate and at least had some evidence of working or being true. Additionally, for topics like ‘immune boosters’ I had my nurse practitioner mother to turn to, which was a huge help, as she is up to date on all things coronavirus. It was important that in sharing my fun ideas, I was also always able to weave in that this is a serious time in which you must stay home, maintain social distancing, and all of the other suggestions we’ve heard. I did not want to make it too similar to the news, because we’ve all heard that stuff. I wanted my guide to be a breath of fresh air, something people could read and get excitement from.



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Monteverde Institute MVI



Quarantine survival guide: Explained



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