Culture, Community, and Health [Monteverde Institute]

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Análisis cualitativo, investigación comunitaria y COVID-19


Ky Miller



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August 2020


Taking a community-based approach is important in the context of applied research to address challenges that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as food insecurity and unemployment. Drawing on the results of a 12-week research internship with the Monteverde Institute, this paper explores the growing importance of conducting applied community-based research during the global public health crisis to inform future work in the Monteverde community. Specifically, this paper outlines how qualitative methods and analysis can increase knowledge and understanding of a given issue in order to integrate research findings in policy recommendations or other avenues for social change to benefit community members during times of crisis. In this paper I will outline qualitative methods and analysis and community-based research, their application to the Liaison Commission and the Statistics and Census Sub-Commission Survey of Households, their application to a systematic literature review, and a discussion of the relevance of community-based research during the era of COVID-19. I will conclude with a short description of how qualitative methods and analysis will contribute to my future research surrounding the effects of the pandemic on conservation organizations and local communities’ dependent on ecotourism.


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Monteverde Institute


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Qualitative analysis, community-based research and COVID-19, August 2020



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