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Jardines comunitarios en todo el mundo: éxitos y beneficios para las comunidades



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January 2014


Our research focused on the ways in which community gardens can foster ecological and social sustainability. We first completed a literature review in order to identify the benefits of community gardens. We then assessed several case studies in order to ascertain what makes a community garden successful and the ways in which projects have positively altered communities. Finally, we conducted an interview with Sergio Aray who is involved with a community garden project in the Monteverde area, in order to gain an understanding of what he is hoping to accomplish through the creation and maintenance of a community garden.


Nuestras investigaciones se centraron en las maneras en cual las huertas comunales pueden fomentar sostenible social y ecológico. Primero, nosotros completamos un repaso literatura para identificar los beneficios de las huertas comunales. Entonces, nosotros revisamos unos estudios de casos para aprender cual cosas hacen una huerta comunal exitosa y las maneras en cual los proyectos cambiaban las comunidades en maneras positivas. Finalmente, nosotoros completamos una entrevista con Sergio Araya quien es INVOLVED WITH A COMMUNITY GARDEN PROJECT IN THE MONTEVERDE AREA para entender su esperanzas y visiones de la huerta comunal.


Water--Purification, Water quality, Mount Holyoke and Goucher 2014

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Agua--Purificación, Calidad del agua


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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Community gardens around the world: successes and benefits for healthy communities, 2014



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