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El manejo de las aguas grises en la zona de Monteverde: Percepciones, retos, y soluciones




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August 2014


Greywater is the wastewater produced by kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers and laundries. In Monteverde, Costa Rica, it is a popular practice to discharge untreated greywater into the local surroundings. However, there has been a growing awareness about the negative environmental impacts, an increasing concern in regards to public health risks, and a push for better greywater management strategies in the region. Over a six-week period, a research team, with collaboration and support from the University of South Florida, the Monteverde Institute, and the National Science Foundation implemented various anthropological and engineering methods to assess the perceptions and characteristics of greywater in the area. A greywater treatment system was also partially reconstructed at the Monteverde Institute, including two biogardens. The research team completed one biogarden and further construction and maintenance information was provided to the institute in order to aid in its completion and future care. Both the Monteverde Institute and research team hope the biogarden will serve as an educational resource for the greater Monteverde community. Lastly, the research team worked with a local and recently formed water commission in identifying zones of risk for greywater discharge in the Monteverde Zone, as well as established relationships with residents of a neighborhood to potentially serve as a pilot site for implementation of a community greywater treatment system. In addition to this report, a technical report regarding the design of the biogarden at the Monteverde Institute and a executive summary for the water commission with three suggestions for the future have been created. In response to the need to address pressing greywater issues, the research team hopes this study and its results serve as a platform for future investigations regarding greywater management in the Monteverde Zone.


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Water quality, Wastewater management, Community Heal, 2014

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Calidad del agua, Gestión de aguas residuales, Salud Comunitaria 2014


25 pages

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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute




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Greywater management in the Monteverde Zone: Perceptions, challenges, and solutions, August 2014



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