American Evangelical Gaming Culture: A Case Study Approach

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This chapter explores the complicated relationship evangelicals and conservative protestants have with digital media. Using the case study of video game culture, this chapter identifies counter public discourse used by evangelicals to determine the boundaries of appropriate and inappropriate media consumption. In some instances, evangelicals adopt the structure of gaming journalism in discussing their experiences with spiritual content in games. In a notable exception,, their counterpublic discourse centers around the idea that evangelical values can emerge from games not just from content, but also from the structure of the play. In all cases, evangelicals used digital media with a degree of savviness in order to respond to gaming culture.

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American Evangelical Gaming Culture: A Case Study Approach, in A. E. Grant, D. A. Stout, C. H. Chen & A. F. C. Sturgill (Eds.), Religion Online: How Digital Technology Is Changing the Way We Worship and Pray [2 volumes], ABC-CLIO