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This item contains ordinances for the City of Tampa, 1888-1910.


City councils, City ordinances


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Hillsborough County (Fla.); Tampa (Fla.)

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City of Tampa Archives



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Ordinance No. 1 Disturbenees of the Public Peace
Ordinance No. 2 Sanitary Ordinance
Ordinance No. 3 Preventing hogs running at large
Ordinance No. 4 Licensing saloons, etc.
Ordinance No. 5 Granting franchise to Florida central & Peninsular
Ordinance No. 6 Licensing saloons, billiard and pool tables, bowling alleys, skating rinks and shooting galleries
Ordinance No. 7 Regulating speed of trains, etc.
Ordinance No. 8 Requiring Marshal to give bond and collect fines
Ordinance No. 9 Licensing drays, lunch counters and shows
Ordinance No. 10 Regulating construction of flues, etc.
Ordinance No. 11 Protecting song birds
Ordinance No. 12 Licensing pedlars and vendors
Ordinance No. 13 Preventing obstruction of streets
Ordinance No. 14 Regulating keeping of barroons, etc.
Ordinance No. 15 Licensing keepers of knife boards, etc.
Ordinance No. 16 Regulating size of smoke stacks of mills, etc.
Ordinance No. 17 Registration, elections and returns of elections
Ordinance No. 18 Rules, etc. for Government of Town Council
Ordinance No. 19 Statements of all Officers us to Monies collected on account of the Town
Ordinance No. 20 Fixing License Taxes of businesses and occupations
Ordinance No. 21 Prohibiting Railways Blockading Streets
Ordinance No. 22 Prohibing penning hogs in Ft. Brook
Ordinance No. 23 Prohibing sleeping on streets or private property
Ordinance No. 24 Prohibiting blowing of steam whistles
Ordinance No. 26 Granting S.A.L. franchise for railway on Whiting St.
Ordinance No. 27 Fixing salaries paid councilmen and clerk
Ordinance No. 28 Occupational License tax ordinance
Ordinance No. 29 Ammending ordinance no. 28
Ordinance No. 30 Closing certain streets, alleys, etc.
Ordinance No. 31 Sidewalks, method of requiring construction
Ordinance No. 32 Granting Franchise to Tampa Northern Ry Co.



City of Tampa Ordinances, 1888-1910


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