Critical issues in mental health

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Book Chapter

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Bruce Levin


In 1999, the first Surgeon General's report on mental health was published by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This landmark report summarized the epidemiology, treatment, financing, and service delivery issues in mental health. While the report focused on the major issues in the organization, financing, and provision of mental health services, there remain additional issues of importance for mental health administrators. This overview section of the text consists of five basic chapters of interest to mental health administrators at all levels of management: critical issues in mental health; an overview of mental health services delivery; administrative theory in mental health; organizational change in mental health; and education and training in mental health management and leadership. It is crucial for all mental health administrators to keep pace with issues, trends, and continuing changes within their internal and external organizational environments. Ideally, while this process should start in graduate school, continuing education has become a vital component for mental health administrators. This chapter will introduce the reader to selected issues of importance, including evidence-based practice, policy's impact on treatment, diversity, co-morbidity, financing, policy, and informatics.


Ed. W. H. Reid & S. D. Silver. Hershey, PA: Brunner-Routledge