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Carter Collection Vintage Poultry Plucker

Carter Collection Vintage Poultry Plucker


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This poultry or chicken plucker device was used on the Boyhood Farm of President Jimmy Carter, now part of the National Historical Park in Plains. Park interpreters and rangers show visitors what life was like on a farm, and this item is always of interest. The plucker was used to remove feathers with the help of rubber fingers that beat the feathers from the bird after it was killed for food. Although this device is not well-known in today's culture, it made the process of removing feathers from a bird much easier for those who participated in a farming way of life. Nowadays, most people buy meat from the grocery store and are not familiar with the tools that were once used on farms for agricultural production needs.

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Cultural property, Farming, Poultry farms, Agriculture, Chickens, 39th President, Jimmy Carter National Historical Park (Plains, Ga.), What-Is-It, National Park Service, Homesteads, Farms


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Sumter County (Ga.); Plains (Ga.)

Carter Collection Vintage Poultry Plucker


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