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Cave Research Foundation

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May 1997


United States, Resource Management


Contents: The Superintendent of Mammoth Cave / Buz Grover and Candice Leek -- Message from the President...What's in a Name? / Philip J. DiBlasi -- 1997 CRF Annual Meeting -- Hamilton Valley Donors -- Chinese Cavers Visit / Ian Baren -- 1997 CRF Membership Directory -- Mineral King Activities Report -- New Cave Book -- Carlsbad Caverns N.P. General Management Plan Approved / Lois Bergthold -- Mammoth Cave Floods, March rains bring high water into the cave / Joe Meiman -- News from Mammoth Cave National Park -- CRF Author Honored in France -- 13th Annual Cave management Symposium, highlighting Forest Karst Ecosystems October 7-10, 1997 Bellingham, Washington -- The Library Corner, literary reviews by Susan Hagan -- Digital Photography in Mammoth Cave / Richard Toomey -- WKU Studying Turnhole Bend Drainage Basin / Alan Glennon -- New Fellows Elected -- Bats and Public Health Concerns / Bat Conservation International -- Will Fee Program Affect Mammoth Cave? / Ronald Switzer -- Lilburn Cave Cartography Progress in 1996 / Peter Boste -- Sedimentology of the Redwood Canyon Karst / John C. Tinsley -- Missouri CRF Trips July 1996 through March 1997 -- Cavers Help Spruce up Hidden River Cave -- Hidden River Cave Purchase Underway -- Digging in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks / Brad Hacker -- Liburn Restoration Project / Bill Frantz -- Redwood Canyon Rescue Update / Roger Mortimer -- Lava Beds Projects / Janet Sowers -- Kings Canyon National Park Expedition Report April 19-20, 1997 -- Carlsbad Expedition Reports -- Recreational GPS Use at mammoth Cave National Park / Stanley D. Sides -- Ceiing Height Determination in Large Rooms with Common Cave Surveying Equipment / Jim Glock -- Mammoth Cave Expeditions -- Navada Cave Looter Sued by BLM -- Changes in CRF Management Structure -- Carlsbad Rescue -- Beyond Mammoth Cave, Brucker and Borden Book Nearing Completion -- Storms Pound Western Parks -- Old Guide Cemetery -- Pardon the Dust... -- Migratory Bat Protection -- Amazing Bat Trivia -- From the Editor's Desk / Candice Leek -- Expedition Calendar. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Windy City Grotto Collection, 1961-2013 Vol. 25, no. 2 (May 1997) See Extended description for more information.

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Resource Management

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United States


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Cave Research Foundation newsletter CRF newsletter



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