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Cave Research Foundation

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February 1987


United States, Resource Management


CRF China expedition / Ron Wilson -- Expedition report - Spring 1987 Guadalupe escarpment - Expedition dates: April 25-26, 1987 / Richard Rhinehart -- An editor's note -- MCNP expedition report March 14, 1987 / tom Brucker -- Cartography input desired / Scott House -- MCNP 1:600 map update / Scott House -- No noose is good noose -- 1986 participation at Carlsbad Cavern / Bill Wilson -- CRF 1987 President's Day expedition synopsis / Barbara Anne amEnde -- CRF early spring expedition / Joli Eaton -- 1987 CRF expedition schedule Guadalupe escarpment area 23-25 May (Memorial Day) Harvey DuChene -- 15-19 June (Carlsbad Restoration) John Francisco, Dick Venters - 4-5 July (Independence Day) George Ferguson, Cyndi Mosch Seanor -- 5-7 Sept. (Labor Day) Ron Lipinski -- 10-12 October (Columbus Day) Alan Williams -- 26-29 Nov. Ron Bridgemon -- 31 Dec. 1987-3 Jan. 1988 (New Years Day) Dave Logan -- CRF Mammoth Cave expedition schedule. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 15, no. 1-2 (1987) See Extended description for more information.

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Resource Management

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United States


Newsletter; serial



Cave Research Foundation newsletter CRF newsletter



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