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Cave Research Associates Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation

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February 1959




Editoral Note: With this issue, Cave Research Associates commences a new series to be issued on a bimonthly basis. The publication will be of modest scope t c ona La t Lrrg merely of several pages per issue containing review articles and comments on speleological problems and discussions of general interest. We do not expect to publish individual cave descriptions or trip accounts -- far too much of this material is already being published elsewhere. In other words we intend to create a publication of general interest, unlimi ted by regional scope, that will prove of value to workers in a country... Cave Notes(vols. 1-8) and Caves and Karst: Research in Speleology(vols. 9-15) were published by Cave Research Associates from 1959-1973. In 1975, the Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation compiled complete sets of the journals in three volumes. The Foundation sells hardbound copies of the material to support its activities. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation Collection Vol. 1, no. 1 (1959) See Extended description for more information.

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Cave Notes



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