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Featuring work by 34 artists from 7 different countries and 20 cities, Alphabet of Art is more than an exhibition of fine and innovative modern art-it takes the viewer to a new level of consciousness in its examination of the visual importance of letters, numbers, and music, integreating them with other images, creating works where different ideas, principles and approaches to art meet. A truly international exhibit about building global understanding and peaceful communication, Alphabet of Art attempts to identify the motives which compel artists to go beyond traditional boundaries. This exhibition has garnered international attention, traveling to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia and a copy is presently touring Australia. It opened last year in Philadelphia and now is here in St. Petersburg, Florida. "The most interesting things appear at the intersection of genres, the most dynamic systems are balanced at the edge of dissolution and stagnation, the best books tell of a miracle. The language of words, sounds, outlines, colors, intimations, mysteries pulls us forward."--Raphael Levchin, artist. View Levchin's art along with the other artists and read their words about how they see the world and how they create their own worlds.


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Program, Alphabet of Art, 2012



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