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postcard, photography, poetry, St. Petersburg (Fla.)


In Narratives-Passages-Perception, I attempt to evoke the relationship between matter and relativity through use of the female/male form as it pertains and relates to interaction between non-human forms. However, along with the concentrated subject's portrayed involvement with natural and man-made narratives, there is also the cerebral exception: singular isolation of matter evoking identity. As the viewer, or voyeur even, we seek exploitative passages for the female/male subjects sexuality as isolated beings. Narratives-Passages-Perception is a conceptual visual aesthetic of the idea that all existences, regardless of visually instilled concepts of reality, are unshaped and ill-valued forms of matter. It is with mind, that purpose and directions are fiven to comprise a universal reality.




Postcard, Narratives; Passages; Perception, 2012



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