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postcard, art, exhibition, St. Petersburg (Fla.)


The Studio@620 welcomes an exhibit of original artwork by Pedro J. Perry. "The Evolution of Pedro Jermaine" will be on display September 20th-October 1st with an artist reception on Saturday evening in September 24th from 6:00-9:00 PM. A 15 year old boy looks at his reflection in an old mirror and asks himself "What is your purpose in life?" He has just endured a beating by a group of co-workers but he struggles not to cry because it shows a sign of weakness. He endures the kicks and blows to the head day after day and eventually his life is threatened. He is told that his life doesn't matter while a razor blade is placed upon his neck. He struggles to make sense of all the hate but learns to look past it and forgive. He returns to that old mirror every other day for about a year, staring at his reflection and asking the same question "what is your purpose in life?"




Postcard, The Evolution of Pedro Jermaine, 2011



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