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NRG2, RNA granules, stress granules, stress signaling, translation

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Stress Granules (SGs) are microscopically visible, phase dense aggregates of translationally stalled messenger ribonucleoprotein (mRNP) complexes formed in response to distinct stress conditions. It is generally considered that SG formation is induced to protect cells from conditions of stress. The precise constituents of SGs and the mechanism through which SGs are dynamically regulated in response to stress are not completely understood. Hence, it is important to identify proteins which regulate SG assembly and disassembly. In the present study, we report Neuregulin-2 (NRG2) as a novel component of SGs; furthermore, depletion of NRG2 potently inhibits SG formation. We also demonstrate that NRG2 specifically localizes to SGs under various stress conditions. Knockdown of NRG2 has no effect on stress-induced polysome disassembly, suggesting that the component does not influence early step of SG formation. It was also observed that reduced expression of NRG2 led to marginal increase in cell survival under arsenite-induced stress.

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BMB Reports, v. 49, issue 8, p. 449-454