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Air pollutant sampling was conducted at 87 locations in Hillsborough County during 1977. Location of sampling stations and pollutants sampled are shown on Maps and Tables at end of this Air Section. About 72,000 Air Samples are summarized and detailed in this report.

1901 river, stream, and sewage treatment plant samples were analyzed during 1977 for up to 49 different types of water pollution resulting in 25,421 individual water quality measurements. About one-half of these water quality measurements were generated from Bay or River samples collected at the regular networks. About one-fourth were collected by the sewage treatment plant monitoring program. Non-Routine or Special Study samples accounted for the other fourth, including industrial plants, landfills, dredging, etc.


Grateful appreciation is ex tended to these individuals whose cooperation helped make possible this 1977 Environmental Quality Report.

Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission Air Monitoring, Biology, and Laboratory staffs listed above who collected and analyzed 1977 Air and Water Quality samples.

Computer programming , statistical analyses, and graphics by Data Analysis staff.

Typing by Rosemary Ruglass .