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The Bay Study Group (BSG) conducted nutrient enrichment studies (bioassays) on natural phytoplankton population samples collected at four locations in the Lower Hillsborough River on October 10, 2005. Test site HR1 was located approximately 320m upriver of the Rowlett Park Blvd. bridge (Lat: 28o 01.368’N; Lon: 82o 25.914’W), test site HR2 was located approximately 200m upriver of the Nebraska Ave. bridge (Lat: 28o 01.174’N; Lon: 82o 26.960’W), test site HR3 was located approximately 280m downriver of the Florida Ave. bridge (Lat: 28o 01.257’N; Lon: 82o 27.740’W), and test site HR4 was located approximately 20m upriver of the Sligh Ave. bridge (Lat: 28o 00.655’N; Lon: 82o 27.897’W).