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The green mussel (Perna viridis) was discovered in Tampa Bay in 1999 and was first noted as a biofouler at a power generating plant. This was apparently the first record of this species in the U.S. Since 1999, green mussels have been found throughout Tampa Bay and in other marine locations outside Tampa Bay on the west-coast of Florida (Benson et al. 2001; Benson et al. 2002).

This report constitutes an interim report provided to the Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP) to describe progress on the project to date. A final project report, including a detailed discussion of study results, will be provided to the TBEP for possible inclusion in the next edition of the Baywide Environmental Monitoring Report (BEMR), expected to be published in 2005. Results from planned additional monitoring of the areal extent of green mussel beds near Catfish Point, and the potential impact of the beds on local water quality and seagrass condition, will be included in the final project report.

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