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The sub-discipline reports which follow represent a considerable body of data on the Anclote environment. In general the results provide additional support for many of the conclusions stated or implied in the Annual Report for 1970 (op. cit.). The considerable diversity and complexity of the Anclote estuary and Anchorage including the major role of the grassbeds is now documented in some detail. The overall results also support previous recommendations concerning power plant construction and design (op. cit.).



The authors wish to particularly acknowledge Mr . David Wallace, Marine Science Institute f o r his major contribution to the success of this project. The following people are acknowledged for their significant contribution:

Marine Science Institute Staff
P. Archer
D. Mengerink
K. Klausewitz
J. Mashburn
J. Smyth
J. Davis
M. Barber
J. Burrescia

Associate Staff
W. Anderson
T. Bock
R. Dietz
N. Eiseman
G. Griffin
S. Palmer
M. Proctor
B. Rodgers
L. Rolfes
F. Schlemmer

Contribution No. 39, Marine Science Institute (69277 kB)
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