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A comprehensive environmental study involves lengthy and complex research and this report presents results which are preliminary in nature. The sampling period was limited to the fall (September-November) of 1970 in an area which shows marked seasonality. The results however represent a considerable body of information on the Anclote environment and valuable conclusions can be drawn from them. Included in the reports of each sub-discipline which follow are comments on future objectives, especially those for the coming year.



The authors wish to particularly acknowledge Mr. David Wallace, Marine Science Institute for his major contribution to the success of this project . The following people are acknowledged for their significant contribution:

Marine Science Institute Staff
P. Archer
J. Smyth
V. Maynard
L. Wasiluk
S. Franklin
N. Smith

D. Ba llantyne
B. Causey
J. Davis
W. Fable
R. Gibson
W. Gunn
J. Johnson
R. Klausewitz
J. McCarthy
D. Milliken
A. Rhem
K. Rolfes
F. Schlemmer
W. Sloop
K. Tyson
W. Weiss
K. Wilson
R. Zimnerman

Contribution No . 29, Marine Science Institute (69277 kB)
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