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This report addresses one task of the nutrient monitoring project, the development of "interim" (i.e., preliminary) annual budgets for the macronutrients nitrogen and phosphorus in Tampa Bay's major sub-basins. For the purposes of the report, those sub-basins are defined as Hillsborough Bay (HB) , Old Tampa Bay (OTB) , Middle Tampa Bay (MTB) , and Lower Tampa Bay (LTB). The report uses the 1 Environmental Protection commission of Hillsborough County (EPCHC) database and other available info:mation in,an attempt to identify and quantify major sources and slnks for nltrogen and phosphorus within the Tampa Bay system.

The report is organized in four major sections. sections 1 and 2 provide background information on the estuary and its contributing watershed. Methods used to develop the interim nitrogen and phosphorus budgets, and the interim budgets themselves, are summarized in section 3. Conclusions and recommendations are discussed in section 4.


Data, background information, and reviews of preliminary drafts of this report were provided by Richard Boler and Tom Cardinale (Environmental Protection commission of Hillsborough County), Walter Boynton (University of Maryland), Bruce DeGrove and steve Schropp (Florida Department of Environmental Regulation), Dick Eckenrod and Holly Greening (Tampa Bay National Estuary Program), Kurt Hess (NOAA/National Ocean service), Roger Johansson (City of Tampa), Wu-Seng Lung (University of Virginia), Don Moores (Pinellas County Department of Environmental Management), Henry Rines (Applied Science Associates, Inc.), Yvonne Stoker (USGS), John Teal (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), and Gabriel Vargo (University of South Florida). Carl Goodwin, Kathy Hammett, Yvonne Stoker, and Mac Woodham (USGS), and sid Flannery (SWFWMD), supplied additional background information on tributary discharge. Terrie Lee (USGS) provided information on atmospheric deposition of nutrients. Richard Boler (Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County) and Ed Snipes (FDER) provided overviews of loadings contributed by domestic wastewater discharges. Andy Squires (King Engineering Associates, Inc.) supplied a copy of the water quality database developed by his firm for the Tampa Bay National Estuary Program. Scott Stevens (SWFWMD) and Hans Zarbock (Dames and Moore, Inc.) provided explanations of the methods and results of the Dames and Moore (1990) non-point source loading model. Figures 1 and 6 were provided by Phil Jackson and Dean Rusk (SWFWMD). Their help is gratefully acknowledged. Funding for this project was provided by the SWIM Trust Fund, which is administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, and by the Governing Board and five Tampa Bay Basin Boards (the Alafia, Hillsborough, Manasota, Northwest Hillsborough, and Pinellas/Anclote Basin Boards) of the Southwest Florida Water Management District. iii