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Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Bay, Florida, sediments, monitoring sites, seabed, seagrass, water quality, areal photo, sewage, sewage treatment, chlorophyll, Hooker's Point, nitrogen, Caulerpa prolifera, Tampa Bay Area Study Group, Wastewater management, mud, nutrient, Environment, Regulation


The Bay Study Group was created by the City of Tampa in 1976 to monitor the effects of pollution abatement that occurred in Hillsborough Bay when the city’s wastewater treatment plant was upgraded from primary to advanced treatment in 1979. The Bay Study Group documented a remarkable restoration of water quality parameters and biological indicators in Hillsborough Bay from the mid 1980s until 2009, when it was disbanded. This zip Geodatabase file contains the photo point locations, aerial photos, and flight maps for the year 1994.


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