School of Art and Art History

Mission Statement

We, the members of the University of South Florida School of Art and Art History, recognize the power of images to construct and reflect the shared consciousness of a culture. We therefore see our mission as the study of visual culture, past and present, in order to understand how images can illuminate and expand, or conceal and limit the worlds they represent; and the creation of art that explores actual, lived life and provides alternative visions for that life.

We value the shared affective and intellectual community life within which art is produced and experienced: the internal communities of the School and the University; the collaborative and interdependent communities crossing art media, art practice, theory and history; and our local and regional communities with which we seek interaction. We emphatically embrace social diversity and respect for the individual; we encourage a sense of citizenship and a global and historical self-location.

We seek to provide a challenging learning environment of research, creativity and experimentation; we emphasize engaged, critical thinking. We investigate new media and technologies, as well as traditional approaches. Finally, we recognize that example is the best teacher and strive through our own creative research to embody the values we wish to impart.


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