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This issue contains stories for boys featuring heroism, hunting, sports, finances, clubs, history, and humor.


"Father LaNuite's Prize" by Lillian V. Lambert; "The Pathway to Success: Ex-Senator T.W. Palmer's Message to the Boys of America- An Interview with Detroit's Grand Old Man" by Hugo Erichsen; "Kersey" by Evelyn M. Wood Lovejoy; "For the Mikado: or A Japanese Middy in Action" by Kirk Munroe; "James McGregor Billings' Moose Hunt" by J. Oliver Curwood; "True Heroism--A Talk with Boys: The Latest Contribution from the Pen of the Late G.A. Henty"; "The Bashful Boy Speaks" by William H. Hamby; "Basket Ball" by George T. Hepbron; "Boys Who are Doing Things"; "Boys as Money Makers" by James Neff; "The Great American Boy Army"; "Skating: Winner of Twenty-two American Championships for Speed and Figure Skating" by George D. Phillips; "The Elephant Hunt that Failed" by Capt. R. L. Spicer; "The Champion of the Lake" by William Heyliger; "Uncle Sam's Santa Clause"; "Among the Birds: No. 2- The Kingbird" by Craig S. Thoms; "General Nathaniel Greene" by Marianne G. Spratley; "Pranks of Jimmy Lane" by Jonas Jutton; "A Feline Fury" by Clarence Hawkes; "Stamps, Coins and Curios"; "Amateur Journalism Department" by W.R. Murphy; "Playing Pushball" by W. Frank McClure; "Clever Work with the Pocket Knife" by John L. Dougheny;


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, Contests, Holidays, Thomas Witherell Palmer (1830-1913), Moose hunting, Clubs, Awards, Ice skating, Figure skating, Hunting, Christmas, Birds, Practical jokes, Stamp collecting, Brownie camera


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The American Boy, December 1904



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