The American Boy



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This issue contains stories for boys featuring sports, animals, business, friendship, hunting, indigenous people, crafts, and war


"Friendly talks with the Editor"; "The Greatest Game in the World: In which Peter, Repeater, Breaks into the game called business" by Gardner Hunting; "When is a white cat? A First of April Story" by Clarence Kelland; "Captain Fair-and-Square" by William Heyliger; "Larry Rides: The Story of a Boy who mastered a Great Fear" by C.H. Claudy; "Juniors in American Business" by Judson D. Stuart; "How Panchito Saved His Father" by Joseph T. Kescel; "The Navy of the United States: The real power of Uncle Sam's Battle Fleet and Coast Defenses" by Donal Hamilton Haines; "Below Turner's Falls" by George M. Johnson; "Apauk, Caller of Buffalo" by James Willard Schultz; "The Captain's Work" by Harold Titus; "Claw Against Tusk" by H.E. Steele; "Mastering the Motor Car: What you should know about a car before you attempt to drive" by A. Hyatt Verrill; "For the Boys to make: A toy observation tower with clockwork elevator" by A. Neely Hall; "All Europe at War" by Donal Hamilton Haines; "Telling it to Terence: Some Further Letters on the Gentle Art of Gardening" by Walter Kellogg Towers; "How to make a workable wireless telegraph station" by Harry S. Sheppard; "The Stamp Collector" edited by Willard O. Wylie;


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, Business, Animals, Baseball, Horses, Fear, Fishing, Buffalo jump, Cross-country running, Automobile driving, Stamp collecting


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The American Boy, April 1916



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