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This issue contains stories for boys featuring adventure, agriculture, animals, crafts, sports, peer relationships, and science.


"Friendly Talks with the Editor"; "An improvised Starter: Yankee Brains and ingenuity Conquer an Obstacle" by T.S. Stribling; "Connie Puts One Over" by James B. Hendryx; "Blunderer's Buried Treasure" by C.H. Claudy; "Business Boys and Vocational Education" by William C. Redfield, Secretary of Commerce of the United States; "The Freshest Freshman: A Story of School, of Character, and of Basketball" by Walter Kellogg Towers; "A Subterranean Trap" by Denison Clift; "How to Play Basketball" by H. Orville Page; "Mark Tidd's Citadel" by Clarence Budington Kelland; "Major Redhead-The Woodpecker" by William B. Hoot; "Dan Beard's Page for Outdoor Boys: How to make artistic pioneer holiday gifts for our outdoor chums"; "Wile Will Win" by Harold De Polo; "Boys Who Used Their Brains: The Boy Who Believed in Keeping Promises--John N. Willys" by Judson D. Stuart; "A Cow Collegian" by Donald R. Murphy; "A Sheep that was not a sheep" by E.E. Harriman; "The Sacred Buffalo Hunt" by James Willard Schultz; "Writing with Secret Signs" by Frank E. Mason; "The Military High School of Omaha"; "Rabbits in Disease" by J. Fielding Cottrill V.S.


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, Aviators, Mesa Grande Reservation (Calif.), Treasure troves, Vocational education, Hazing, Basketball, Rage, Animals, Circuses, Agriculture, American bison hunting


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The American Boy, January 1917



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