The American Boy



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The Sprague Publishing Co.

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This issue contains stories for boys featuring money matters, animals, sports, adventure, and agriculture.


"Friends Talks with the Editor"; "Banking with Uncle Sam" by A.S. Burleson, Postmaster General of the United States; "A Four-legged legacy: Not to Mention the parrot" by Clarence Budington Kelland; "Jim of the Reef: Some boys have fathers-others do not. This story is for both kinds" by Herbert Whyndham-Gittens, Illustrated by Norman Rockwell; "Constable Custard's Valentine: Sniffer Enlivens the Fourteenth of February with Appropriate Ceremonies" by Clarence Budington Kelland; "Blunderer's Buried Treasure" by C.H. Claudy; "The Losing Win: Which Proves that one should not jump at conclusions" by Richardson Davenport; "The freshest freshman" by Walter Kellogg Towers; "Boys who used their brains: The boy who messed up everything-Thomas A. Edison" by Judson D. Stuart; "The Boy Viking who became a saint: A heroic boy of history who won a kingdom and a crown" by Walter Kellogg Towers; "The Counterfeit King: Michael of the Movies Changes Color and Saves a Film" by Harold Titus; "Billy Heber's Hunting" by E.E. Harriman; "Dan Beard's Page for Outdoor Boys"; "How the Leak Was Stopped" by George Ethelbert Walsh; "The Sacred Buffalo Hunt" by James Willard Schultz; "Miss Chick A. Dee: The Bird with an angelic disposition" by William B. Hoot;


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, Savings bonds, Hurricanes, Treasure troves, Ice skating races, Basketball, Thomas A. (Thomas Alva) Edison (1847-1931), Vikings, Rattlesnakes, Crow


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The American Boy, February 1917



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