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This issue contains stories for boys that feature adventure, war, animals, money management, pirates, camping, science, and innovation.


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, World War (1914-1918), Air warfare, Bombs, Trench warfare, Grenades, Football, Rage, Newspaper publishing, Medical profession, Spies, Stede Bonnet ( -1917), Pawnee, Camping, Animals, Finance, Birds


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Bull Island (S.C.)

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"Friendly talks with the editor"; "Red Legs" by Donal Hamilton Haines; "Skinty's Ginger: The story of a boy who couldn't go to war" by Haynsworth Baldrey; "Trench Fighting" by Lieut. G.T. Cummings, D.S.O.; "'473' and the Red Wave" by C.H.Claudy; "Football: II--Team Play--the Second of a Series of Three Articles" by Walter Camp; "Athletics' Aid to War: How Training in One Helps in the Other" by Walter Kellogg Towers; "Mark Tidd, Editor" by Clarence Budington Kelland"; "Medicine as a career" by Dr. Victor C. Vaughan; "Wanted: Intelligence: Corporal May Goes after Wireless Spies" by Charles Tenney Jackson; "The White Stag's Tryst" by Archibald Rutledge; "The Younker and the Stranger" by Hugh Pendexter; "Boys who used their brains: The boy who looked for something better-H.K. Brooks" by Judson D. Stuart; "Dan Beard's Page for Outdoor Boys: closing up camp"; "The First Requisite" by Harold DePolo; "$92.50 a Day" by C.H. Claudy; "Novel Inventions"; "Natural Wonders"; "A Successful Failure" by Roe L. Hendrick; "The Navy has Openings for Specially Trained Boys: A Message from Secretary Daniels to Older Boys Skilled in Wireless"; "For the Boys to make" by A. Neely Hall; "The Bicycle on the Hunt"; "Mr. S.C. Junco: This Worthy Bird Destroys Weeds and Devours Insects" by William B. Hoot; "How to Make Money"; "The Stamp Collector" by Willard O. Wylie; "Training Our National Army: the American Cantonments and Training Camps"; "Peanut Boys" by Judson D. Stuart

The American Boy, October 1917



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