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This issue contains articles and stories for boys focusing on action, adventure, humor, sports, outdoors activities, science, and heroism.


"Friendly Talks with the Editor"; "Dolphus" by Archie P. McKishnie; "Baseball and Bonanza" by Joseph T. Kescel; "The Shot-Putter" by Leslie W. Quirk; "Big Cat and Little Kittens" by Tennyson Charles; "The Rocky Road" by William Heyliger; "The Lost Dirigible" by Ralph Henry Barbour; "Boys who used their Brains: The Boy Who Took 'Chances'--Edwin T. Meredith" by Judson D. Stuart; "Mark Tidd Collects His Just Dues" by Clarence B. Kelland; "Commodore W.E. Longfellow of the American Red Cross Who has Cooked Outdoors in All Parts of the United States Tells About He-Cookery"; "Dillon Wallace Labrador Explorer, Chief of Culver Woodcraft School, Author of Many Adventure Books for Boys--Tells About Fires and Grub"; "Camping on the Plains: Adventures without a compass in a Big Land where landmarks are scarce" by Enos A. Mills; "The Planter: A Pioneer Scout Story" by Armstrong Perry; "The Warring Tribes" by James W. Schultz; "A Breach of Discipline: A Donovan Chance Story" by Francis Lynde; "Tigers with Fins" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler; "Birds and Beasts 'Take' Themselves" by Howard Taylor Middleton; "When Out in a Boat" by Armstrong Perry; "Six Donkeys" by George Mitchell; "The Clever Wasp"; "Trout and Trouting" by George M. Johnson; "Redwing Scouts" by D. Lange; "Stamps in the Day's news" by Randolph Quayle;


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, Baseball, Shot putting, Fishing, Dirigibles, Agricultural journalism, Cooking, Camping, Aircraft accidents, Siksika (Blackfoot), Railroad workers, Killer whale, Boats and boating


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The American Boy, May 1920



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