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This issue contains articles, humor, and stories featuring action, adventure, movie production, science, medicine, Indigenous people, sports, gold prospecting, and scouting.


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, Acting, Motion Pictures, Chemistry, Physicians, Inuit boys, Naturalists, Baseball, Football, Gold prospectors, Scouting (Youth activity), Louisiana, Boats and boating, Guns, Birds, Soldiers, Agriculture


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"Friendly Talks with the Editor"; "High Benton" by William Heyliger; "Chemistry as a Career" by Francis M. Turner, Jr.; "The Doctor at Chun's Cove" by Archibald Rutledge; "Paying the Piper" by Gardner Hunting; "Soo-Look: The First of a New Series of Stories about a Primitive Boy in the Frozen North" by Roy J. Snell; "Naturalist Meets Prospector" by Enos A. Mills; "Two Ways" by Lee Willenborg; "Catty Atkins" by Clarence B. Kelland; "Good as Gold" by Joseph T. Kescel; "Dan Beard's Page" by Daniel Carter Beard; "When the North Star went South" by Tennyson Charles; "Boys who used their brains: The boy who got his money's worth" by Judson D. Stuart; "Carry Your Gun Right" by F. E. Brimmer; "My Wireless Adventures: When the Andalusian Went Down" by Jack Heaton, Wireless Operator; "The American Boy Contest: Why I like the American Boy"; "Interesting Bird Friends" by H.F. Miners; "Boys who do things"; "The Snake that Got Rattled" by George Burbank Shattuck; "Aha, I am Warm, I have Seen the Fire" by G.W. Hinckley; "What a Medal Means" by Captain Albert Leo; "How to Make Money"; "Book Learning for Mink" by Raymond S. Spears; "For the Boys to Make" by A. Neely Hall; "Bank Hounds" by G.B. Shattuck; "Raising Rabbits-Part II. Their Care and Feeding" by Chesla C. Sherlock; "Storing Vegetables for Winter Use" by H.F. Grimstead; "Ingenious Uses of Airplanes" by A. Russell Bond; "Stamps in the Day's News" by Randolph Quayle; "The Listening Post"; "Novel Inventions and Natural Wonders";

The American Boy, September 1919



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