Author Biography

Alexis McQuigge is the Writing Services Coordinator and also teaches Eighteenth-Century Literature in the Department of English at the University of Regina. She is the author of “They Give No Cordials to Heighten the Fever”: Lady Mary, Corruption, and the Problem of Royal Influence" and of two forthcoming works, including one on Lennox's "The Female Quixote".


This article reviews Susan Carlile's recent biography of Charlotte Lennox, Charlotte Lennox: An Independent Mind. Because much of Lennox's life story, and many of her works, remain mysterious to contemporary readers, Carlile's work highlights some unique and important aspects of the life of a - at least in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-centuries, a celebrated literary minds. Carlile's work is an important and necessary addition to the study of women's writing in the period, and contributes a great deal to those studying the works of Charlotte Lennox.


Charlotte Lennox; Review; Translations; Novels; biography