Author Biography

Lucinda Cole is Director of Women and Gender Studies and Associate Professor of English at the University of Southern Maine. Her recent work, in early modern animal studies, includes an essay on rats, witches, and theories of contagion; an article on elephants and ivory in Defoe; and a monograph on vermin and early modern ecologies: Imperfect Creatures: Vermin, Literature, and the Sciences of Life 1600-1730 (University of Michigan Press, forthcoming). She and Robert Markley are the general editors of AnthropScene, a book series from Pennsylvania State University Pres. Her new work is on scavenging culture.


In this review of Barbara K. Seeber's Jane Austen and Animals (Ashgate, 2013) Lucinda Cole summarizes this foundational book and emphasizes the role of animal studies scholars in linking feminism and environmental issues.


Jane Austen, animals, animal studies, feminism