Author Biography

Caroline Breashears is an associate professor of English at St. Lawrence University, where she teaches courses in eighteenth-century British literature and fairy tales.


In my senior seminar on Jane Austen, I seek to engage students in multiple ways. On one hand, I want them to connect with Austen’s world and to reflect on what it means to them; on the other hand, I want them to understand the very real differences of that world and how they inform her novels. One strategy for engaging students in these ways is through interactive games. Studies have shown that many modern games have features similar to those stressed by engaged learning, so game design can be adapted for pedagogical purposes. I discuss the purposes, design, and play of my PowerPoint game “You’re an Austen Heroine!” I invite interested readers to see the game in the attached file.


Jane Austen, engaged learning, game design, historical contexts, connections