Engineering and Geotechnical Aspects of Karst

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Towards a Karst Assessment Standard Practice

Robert K. Denton Jr

Geotechnical Case History for Sinkhole Investigation and Stabilization Methods along a High Pressure Petroleum Pipeline

John T. Pusey Jr
John M. Caccese

Problems Associated with the Use of Compaction Grout for Sinkhole Remediation in West-Central Florida

Edward D. Zisman
Daniel J. Clarey

Evaluating Karst Risk at Proposed Windpower Projects

William J. Bangsund
Kenneth S. Johnson

Application of Stability Charts and Reliability Concepts for Simplified Analysis of a Void in Soil Overlying Karst Bedrock

Timothy C. Siegel
Danner F. Drake
Eric C. Drumm

If It’s Weight of Hammer Conditions, It Must Be a Sinkhole?

Edward D. Zisman
Daniel J. Clarey

Exploratory Grouting of a Subsurface Detention/Infiltration System

Joseph A. Fischer
Todd K. Miller
Michael J. Miluski
Joseph J. Fischer

Need for a Standardized Approach to Characterizing, Permitting, and Constructing Landfills in Karst Geologic Settings

Robert C. Bachus
Richard B. Tedder

A Calibration Test of Karst Collapse Monitoring Device by Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (BOTDR) Technique

Zhende Guan
Xiaozhen Jiang
Ming Gao

Induced Sinkhole Formation Associated with Installation of a High-Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline, West-Central Florida

Ted J. Smith
George C. Sinn

Cover-Collapse Sinkhole Development in the Cretaceous Edwards Limestone, Central Texas

Brian B. Hunt
Brian A. Smith
Mark T. Adams
Scott E. Hiers
Nick Brown