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In this study, the subject of "Green Generation Restaurant" was examined based on Turkey, and suggestions were developed for Turkey to use this movement more efficiently. “Green Generation Restaurant”, a concept that has become increasingly popular today, has started to shape the field of gastronomy with the philosophy it contains. Turkey's participation in this trend, which is still in the initial state, has the potential to be one of the important steps for the Anatolian culinary culture to finally reach the place it deserves. In this context, it is important to produce and develop new ideas on “Green Generation Restaurant Management” and present them to the world agenda. A "Green Generation Restaurant" policy, which can be created by including tourism and gastro diplomacy strategies prepared by the state, maybe a new step for Turkish tourism. At the same time, when the Anatolian culinary culture is examined, an ecological and sustainable kitchen structure that can easily adapt to the "Green Generation Restaurant" movement emerges. There is a potential that can completely change the gastronomic position of Turkey today by using and directing these existing potentials correctly, and that can lead to the formation of a structure in which restaurant evaluation organizations can also want to examine Turkey.



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Ersoy, S., & Akbaba, A. (2022). A study about recommendation of research and development the “green generation restaurants”. In L. Altinay, O. M. Karatepe, & M. Tuna (Eds.), Advances in managing tourism across continents (Vol. 2, pp. 1–9). USF M3 Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/9781955833080

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