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Usage of neurosciences in social sciences has emerged new perspectives and methods for marketing and tourism marketing. Neuro-marketing and Neuro-tourism are some of those concepts. In the hospitality industry, marketing is in a complex state because the decision-making processes of the guests are unpredictable. For this reason, hotel managements are unable to satisfy guest’s requests and demands with traditional methods. Therefore, Neuro-marketing has importance because this new way of marketing has a high chance to replace currently used methods. Usage of Neuro-marketing in the hospitality industry could satisfy the guest requests while generating new marketing perspectives on hotel management. This paper is based on theoretical methods for the purpose of helping the hospitality industry to establish a new marketing perspective. I used already existing data of methods to show usage of Neuro-marketing in the hospitality industry could work better than currently used methods. When the results of methods are analyzed, it can be determined that Neuro-marketing has a high value because it is able to predict and even manipulate consumer behavior and decision-making of guests. Therefore, using neuro-marketing techniques for tourism marketing promises new perspectives and methods for the industry.



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Bülbül, S. (2022). Possibilities of using neuromarketing tools in the hospitality industry. In L. Altinay, O. M. Karatepe, & M. Tuna (Eds.), Advances in managing tourism across continents (Vol. 2, pp. 1–9). USF M3 Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/9781955833080

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