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M3 Center for Hospitality Technology and Innovation at the University of South Florida and Bob Billingslea School of Hospitality Management at Bethune-Cookman University joined forces to organize a think tank on “Social Injustice Impact on Hospitality & Tourism Education – Creating a Climate for Positive Change.” The think tank is entitled as “HBCU’s “We Can’t Breathe” Think Tank.”

The goals of the think tank were:

  1. Reflect the impact of institutional racism
  2. Reflect on how the industry should support hospitality management degree programs through an evaluation of the relationship between corporations and institutions
  3. Evaluate the value and future of HBCU’s Hospitality Programs and Hospitality Management degrees as the landscape changes and the recruitment conundrum intensifies.

Forty-one participants joined the think tank meeting and also contributed to the report. We would like to invite you to read the report based on the think tank and give your feedback, comments, suggestions, solutions, and anything else you may contribute to the discussion.



Recommended Citation

Cobanoglu, C., & Williams-Bryant, D. (2020). HBCU's" We can't breathe" think tank report. University of South Florida M3 Center Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/M3-HTIR.001

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