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Amos C. Fox is a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. He possesses a masters degree in Secondary Education from Ball State University, a masters degree in Security Studies from the US Army's School of Advanced Military Studies, and a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis.



Subject Area Keywords

Asymmetric warfare, Ethnic conflict, Europe and EU, Foreign policy, Governance and rule of law, History, Irregular warfare, Russia, Security policy, Security studies, Strategy


Russo-Ukrainian relations in the 20th Century are dominated by genocide. Using Raphel Lemkin and Martin Shaw as a guide, one finds that Russo-Ukrainian relations during the 20th Century was a long period of genocidal action, linked by periods of punctuated genocides. These genocides included several political genocides that quelled Ukrainian nationalism and independence and kept it subjugated to Soviet Russia. Soviet Russia's genocide during the 20th Century was a carryover from Imperial Russia treatment of Ukraine, the arch of which carries over into today's relations between the two countries. Understanding this long period of genocide helps make sense of the enduring relationship between the two countries.


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