Hotel establishments, have a labor intensive nature, are required to meet the needs of their customers by making optimum use of their human resources in order to gain a competitive advantage in the markets in which they operate. With this approach, many hotels try to increase their employees’ motivation by satisfying the various needs of their employees in order to retain their existing workforce. Highly motivated employees, whose wishes and needs are met, use their knowledge and skills to achieve the goals set by the hotel managements and play an important role in the hotels’ competitive advantage. This superior performance exhibited by the employees can only be achieved with a high motivation. For this reason, the hotel establishments need to identify and implement motivational tools suitable for the needs of employees by making use of today’s technology. One of the motivation-enhancing tools is gamification. Gamification is used as a tool to increase and activate employee motivation. Therefore, this study investigated whether gamification had effects on hotel employees to increase motivation and then, evaluated in a theoretical framework depending on the cause and effect relationship.


Gamification, hotel management, hotel employees



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