The hospitality industry and customer behaviors are unceasingly due to technology. Social media is thoroughly used by many people globally today and is a primary digital form of communication that includes these developments regarding hospitality, which is discernible in the most recent way. Eminently, it is being browsed for recreation, providing notable information and promotion for businesses. Social media generates outstanding opportunities for corporations to run critical digital marketing strategies. One of the essential considerations of enterprises is to grow their sales volumes, and advertising on digital platforms is a much more operative approach than any other platform nowadays, so hotels are thriving to a great extent in that regard. Accordingly, in this descriptive research, how international hotel brands in Ankara use digital marketing for expanding their marketing activities within the framework of brand standards and to what extent the usage of such platforms is practical concerning their sales are analyzed by using the interview technique.


Brand standards, tourism, sales, management, digital marketing, descriptive research

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Cihan Cobanoglu: https://orcid.org/ 0000-0001-9556-6223



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